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Information About the Voucher Program

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The NKR Voucher program allows donors to donate their kidney many years before their intended recipient may need a kidney. Some Voucher donors have donated 20+ years before their intended recipient is expected to need a transplant with the hope that their intended recipient will never need a transplant. The Voucher program is a subset of the NKR Advanced Donation Program which began in 2011.

The following are examples of typical Voucher cases:

  1. Voucher donor is 64 years old and will be too old to donate to a grandchild who has been diagnosed with a kidney problem which may require a kidney transplant in 15 years.
  2. Recipient has a current functioning allograft but may need a second transplant in 20 years. The father is 52 and wants to donate but will be too old in 20 years.

Below are some of the key requirements & stipulations of the Voucher program:

  1. There is no guarantee that the patient can be matched and transplanted.
  2. The Voucher donor and recipient must complete and return the Informed Consent documents to apply for participation in the program.
  3. An ADP donor may identify one intended recipient unless multiple immediate family members have renal function impairment.
  4. An ADP Recipient may have up to five ADP Donors
  5. Additional intended recipients cannot be added after the donor returns the Informed Consent document. To the NKR.
  6. When an Voucher donor identifies multiple intended recipients, the first appropriate candidate for transplant will receive the Voucher Kidney.
  7. The Voucher donor and intended recipient can be at different centers but both centers must be participating in the program.
  8. Intended Voucher recipients must be a kidney transplant recipient or currently have, or be expected to have, some form of renal function impairment.
  9. The Voucher expires when the intended recipient expires and it cannot be transferred.
  10. The donor cannot withdraw the Voucher from the intended recipient after kidney donation.
  11. The intended recipient may only redeem the Voucher when transplantation is indicated as a therapeutic modality for End Stage Kidney Disease.
  12. If the NKR were to undergo a change of control, the surviving organization must honor all Vouchers with the same or better capacity to fulfill all outstanding Voucher obligations.
  13. The intended recipient is required to provide government photo identification and a blood sample so that the HLA and blood type can be confirmed before a Voucher’ can be redeemed.