Donor Shield

Donor Shield exists to honor living kidney donors and help minimize disruption to their lives. Donors who donate as part of a National Kidney Registry swap, through the Voucher Program or through a participating transplant center’s Donor Shield Direct program will be protected by the Donor Shield protections listed below.

Donor Shield Protections

  • Lost Wage Reimbursement: Up to six weeks, maximum $1,500 per week, with no income cap
  • Travel & Lodging Reimbursement: Up to $3,000 for donors and a caregiver
  • Donation Life Insurance: $500,000 principal amount covering 365 days post-donation
  • Donation Disability Insurance: $1,500 per week maximum up to 52 weeks
  • Legal Support: If donor is wrongfully terminated, sees a rise in insurance premiums or loses health insurance
  • Financial Coverage for Uncovered Complications: Donors never have to pay for a post-surgical complication
  • Travel & Lost Wages for Complications: Reimbursement for travel and lost wages for treatment of any donation-related complications
  • Fair Access to Life Insurance: Donors are protected from discriminatory pricing or denials when purchasing life insurance

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