Donor Shield

Donor Shield is a comprehensive set of protections designed to support living kidney donors through the entire kidney donation process.

All donors who donate through the National Kidney Registry (NKR) at an NKR Member Center, including standard voucher, family voucher, and paired exchange donations; as well as anyone who donates through a participating transplant center’s Donor Shield Direct program, are automatically enrolled in the Donor Shield program.

Donor Shield Protections

  • Lost Wage Reimbursement: Up to six weeks, maximum $1,500 per week, with no income cap
  • Travel & Lodging Reimbursement: Up to $3,000 for donors and a caregiver
  • Donation Life Insurance: $500,000 principal amount covering 365 days post-donation
  • Donation Disability Insurance: $1,500 per week maximum up to 52 weeks
  • Legal Support: If donor is wrongfully terminated, sees a rise in insurance premiums or loses health insurance
  • Financial Coverage for Uncovered Complications: Donors never have to pay for a post-surgical complication
  • Travel & Lost Wages for Complications: Reimbursement for travel and lost wages for treatment of any donation-related complications
  • Fair Access to Life Insurance: Donors are protected from discriminatory pricing or denials when purchasing life insurance

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