Standard Voucher

By donating through the Standard Voucher Program, your donor can donate according to their schedule while providing a voucher for you to receive prioritization for a living kidney donor through the National Kidney Registry.

When the voucher is redeemed, you will be prioritized for a living donor kidney through the National Kidney Registry (NKR). This increases your odds of a better match, which usually means your transplanted kidney will last longer and you can potentially require less immuno-suppressive medication.

The voucher can be redeemed when you are ready for your transplant and when there is a great match for you. By allowing the donor to donate in advance of your transplant, there is less risk that your donor will back out because they will not need to put their life on hold while waiting for you to be healthy enough and matched before they can donate. This is also extremely helpful for donors who plan to be their recipient’s caretaker after transplant, as it allows them to heal before they need to care for you.

Despite facilitating transplants for more difficult cases, NKR transplants have better outcomes compared to the typical living donor transplant in the United States.

All standard voucher donors are prioritized for a living donor transplant in the extremely rare case they ever need a kidney transplant in the future. Standard voucher donors are eligible for the support and protections covered by Donor Shield.

Finally, by donating through the Standard Voucher Program, donors are able to help more than one person in need of a transplant—you, the person who receives the voucher, and the other person or people transplanted due to their kidney donation.