The National Kidney Registry Facilitates 5,000th Kidney Transplant

The National Kidney Registry announced the completion of its 5,000th paired exchange transplant, which took place yesterday at UCLA Medical Center. The UCLA recipient was a standard voucher holder whose donor facilitated an earlier chain of three transplants. The kidney came from a family voucher donor at Mayo Clinic Rochester. Dr. Jeff Veale, Professor and … Read More

The National Kidney Registry’s 50th Low Eplet Mismatch Transplant

The National Kidney Registry announced that yesterday marked the 50th successful low eplet mismatch kidney transplant facilitated through the Kidney for Life (KFL) program. The KFL initiative utilizes the most advanced DNA sequencing technology to break down single bead antigens to the eplet level, opening up potential matches considered incompatible at the single bead level. Read More

The National Kidney Registry’s 500th Patient Microsite Activated

Today the National Kidney Registry announced the activation of its 500th patient microsite. The microsite program provides free websites and hosting services for transplant patients seeking a living donor. Dr. Sandip Kapur, the Surgical Director of Weil Cornell Kidney Transplant program conceived of the idea as a way for transplant centers to help patients who … Read More

Guinness World Record Organization Distinguishes the National Kidney Registry for World’s Longest Kidney Transplant Chain

Guinness World Records officially recognized the National Kidney Registry (NKR) for the longest kidney transplant chain in the world. This massive chain was supported by the combined efforts of 25 transplant centers, it included 70 surgeries, facilitated 35 transplants and was featured on ABC News’s Nightline. Kathy Hart, a Good Samaritan donor, started Chain 357, … Read More

International Cooperation to Advance Paired Exchange: First International Paired Exchange Website Launched

The first international paired exchange website was launched today at Founding contributors include paired exchange programs from the United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand (ANZKX), and the single center program from King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who are committed to advancing paired exchange and kidney transplantation worldwide. The founding contributors … Read More

National Kidney Registry Launches Donor Shield Website

Today the National Kidney Registry announced the launch of the Donor Shield website at The website provides potential kidney donors, transplant centers, and patients with the most up to date and accurate information on Donor Shield support and protections. Donor Shield is the most comprehensive program providing support and protection for living kidney donors … Read More

NKR Introduces Failsafe

A kidney transplant is a life-saving operation, but to be successful it is crucial that the donated kidney is delivered to its destination safely and on schedule. The National Kidney Registry’s Failsafe software uses advanced GPS technology to monitor every shipped kidney from pickup until it is safely delivered at the recipient center. Read More