National Kidney Registry Facilitates World Record 50 KPD Transplants in a Single Month

The National Kidney Registry announced a record-breaking month, in which it facilitated 50 paired exchange transplants. The record breaks the former record of 46, set by the National Kidney Registry in December 2015.

Garet Hil, President and CEO of the National Kidney Registry, attributes the higher volume to centers contributing more pairs to the national pool rather than withholding them for internal exchanges. “Seven of the 50 transplants in July were compatible pairs; five were blood type favorable, generating a multiplier effect of transplants,” said Hil. “Our research has shown each compatible pair transplanted facilitates an additional two transplants in the national pool. Encouraging centers to continue to put all pairs in the national pool will continue to drive volume and reduce the transplant list.”

In its ongoing commitment to help those in need of a kidney transplant, the NKR has facilitated 1,838 transplants from February 2008 to date. As transplant volume continues to grow, we anticipate crossing the 2,000 transplant milestone by the end of the year.

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