National Kidney Registry Launches Remote Donation Network

The National Kidney Registry announced the successful launch of the Remote Donation Network (RDN). The RDN currently has 24 participating transplant centers strategically located across the United States providing remote donation services.

Remote donation allows a living kidney donor to avoid traveling to a distant transplant center for donor testing and surgery. This approach makes donation surgery easier and less expensive for donors, allowing them to be worked up locally and to recover at home instead of staying in a hotel in a distant city to recover from surgery before flying home. The logistics process utilized for remote donation is the same reliable process that has been successfully used for over 2,000 paired exchange living donor kidney shipments.

Click here to see Remote Donation Network transplant centers.

“The National Kidney Registry is committed to improving the kidney donation process,” said Garet Hil, Founder of the National Kidney Registry. “As a kidney donor myself, I have great respect and admiration for the amazing people who step forward to donate a kidney and want to ensure we make the process as easy as possible for all donors.”

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