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I'm in need of a kidney.
I do not have a donor.

Welcome! Based on your situation, you need a kidney and may not have a living donor. You have two basic options: (1) get a deceased donor transplant, or (2) find a living donor by conducting a living donor search. We suggest you do both.

Deceased Donor Transplant

Although the wait time for deceased donor kidneys is reported to be long and getting longer, there are transplant centers in the United States where median wait times are less than a third of the national average. If you are listed at one of these transplant centers that has a short wait list, you will significantly increase your odds of getting a deceased donor kidney quickly. Keep in mind that you can be listed at more than one transplant center. Also, some people list at transplant centers that are hundreds and even thousands of miles from their homes in an effort to get the fastest and best possible outcome.

For wait time information at transplant centers, go to the website of the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients Use the pulldown to select the state you want, and then click on "Report" under the "View Report" column to view details for each specific transplant center you are interested in. At the top of this page, use the drop-down menu to select report 06 "Time to Transplant, Waitlist Patients." This report will show you the median time to transplant for the selected center compared against that region and the entire United States. For 2014 this wait time information is also nicely summarized at the following link