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Andre Carvalho

  • Manager, Operations

Andre Carvalho is the Operations Manager of the National Kidney Registry and is responsible for managing all the logistics related to shipping kidneys. This includes managing swap failures, ensuring backup plans are in place for all swaps with known risk factors, acquiring and cryo-preserving all donor blood and managing the GPS fleet used for tracking shipped kidneys. Additionally, he is a Swap Manager, Center Liaison, Project Manager and Data Analyst.

During his employment with the National Kidney Registry, Mr. Carvalho has assisted with streamlining the systems used for tracking complicated swap configurations, moving kidneys and logistics.

Mr. Carvalho enjoys reading personal development literature. His favorite quote is, “Our only limitations are the ones we set up in our own minds,” by Napoleon Hil. When not studying personal development, he spends his free time in Vermont snowboarding during the winter and wakeboarding in the summer.

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