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Samantha Hil

  • Director of Marketing

Samantha Hil is the Director of Marketing for the National Kidney Registry, where she designs and implements new systems that help people achieve successful living donor transplants. She is also the organization’s chief editor, responsible for reviewing the company’s written material, both online and in print.

Ms. Hil has designed numerous products and systems for the National Kidney Registry, including the Champion Microsites program, the automated donor follow-up system, the donor pre-workup lab module, and the enhanced RCCAP system. She also led the build-out of, and move to, the new Greenwich, Connecticut offices.

Ms. Hil received her BA in History from Vassar College in 2018 and is a Middle Ages scholar with a focus on the Crusades and the Renaissance in Italy. She assisted the Executive Director of the Captain David Crawford House in Newburgh, NY, where she curated an exhibit on suffrage in the Hudson Valley. Samantha is an accomplished ballroom dancer, proficient in stage combat and loves dogs.

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