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The National Kidney Registry is dedicated to increasing the number of kidney transplants from living donors, improving donor-recipient matches for longer-lasting transplants, and offering protection and support to living kidney donors to make the kidney donation process safer, easier and more convenient.

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Who Pays for Complications from Kidney Donation Surgery?

Jessica Coleman, RN, Lead Kidney Paired Exchange Coordinator, AdventHealth Transplant Institute at Porter

Most people who become kidney donors do not experience any major complications with the surgery or recovery. It is a very straightforward procedure and one of the safest types of surgery. According to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, only 2.5% of people who donated a kidney via laparoscopic surgery at the Mayo Clinic

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Kidney Donor Stories

My Kidney Donation Story: Jenny Godnick

Jenny Godnick

My story began in 2012 when my brother-in-law became ill and needed a kidney transplant. Although I knew nothing about living donation, I knew I was healthy and decided to educate myself about living donation. After doing some research, I learned that people can live normal lives with only one kidney, so I decided: I

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