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The National Kidney Registry is dedicated to increasing the number of kidney transplants from living donors, improving donor-recipient matches for longer-lasting transplants, and offering protection and support to living kidney donors to make the kidney donation process safer, easier and more convenient.

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Do You Gain Weight After Donating a Kidney?

EJ Tamez, Director, Patient Coaching

Donating a kidney has a profound impact on the recipient of the kidney, helping them live a longer, healthier life. However, potential kidney donors may wonder what impact kidney donation will have on their own bodies, including the possibility of weight gain after donation.

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Kidney Donor Stories

My Kidney Donation Story: Justin King

Justin King

I donated to a friend in December 2020, and it all started when his wife saw my veins. My ministry does a lot of things in the summer for youth. At one of the youth camps, I had a short-sleeved shirt on and my friend’s wife saw my arm veins. She’s a nurse, and she said, “I love when people have such good veins.” I told her I donated blood regularly and she asked me my blood type.

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