NKR Quarterly Report 2nd Quarter 2022

The NKR is on track to facilitate 20% of all living donor kidney transplants in the United States this year. The majority of NKR-facilitated transplants are traditional paired exchange transplants, but a growing number of remote direct donation transplants and microsite direct donation transplants are fueling growth. Read More

NKR Quarterly Report 1st Quarter 2022

In early 2022, the NKR saw a significant reduction in transplants facilitated due to the COVID spike. However, the numbers recovered by March when we set a new record of 133 transplants facilitated in a single month. March exceeded our prior best month (105 in March 2021) by a wide margin. Q1 transplants facilitated were … Read More

NKR Quarterly Report 4th Quarter 2021

The NKR facilitated 1,019 transplants in 2021. This accounted for 17% of all U.S. living donor kidney transplants representing a 46% growth rate over 2020, which was primarily driven by increased donor and patient referrals to our Member Centers and the continued rapid growth of the microsite and Donor Shield programs. The Donor Shield program … Read More

NKR Quarterly Report 3rd Quarter 2021

The third quarter of 2021 saw a significant increase in qualified NKR donor referrals (labs completed) to Member Centers, driving an increase in expected donor referrals in 2021 to over 1,500. With the implementation of donor intake best practices, most centers should be able to achieve a 20% conversion rate on these NKR referrals, indicating … Read More

NKR Quarterly Report 2nd Quarter 2021

The second quarter of 2021 was the NKR’s largest to date, with a total of 286 transplants facilitated, approximately 10% of which (26 transplants) were low eplet mismatches. The NKR experienced record volumes beginning in March of this year. Data from the first half of the year indicated that NKR-facilitated transplants now account for 17% … Read More

NKR Quarterly Report 1st Quarter 2021

The first quarter of 2021 concluded with the NKR setting a new monthly record of 105 transplants facilitated in March, surpassing the previous high of 91. As we go to press with this report, we have facilitated over 100 transplants in April, marking our first two months over 100. On the heels of the first … Read More

NKR Quarterly Report 4th Quarter 2020

2020 was a challenging year, with U.S. living donor transplants down 24% and NKR facilitated transplants down 9%. The NKR returned to a growth footing in the second half of 2020, facilitating 423 transplants, compared to 418 transplants facilitated during the same period of 2019. Read More

NKR Quarterly Report 2nd Quarter 2020

Living donor transplant activity was down in the second quarter due to the pandemic. NKR-facilitated transplants dropped to about 50% of their normal rate in March and May, and dropped to near zero in April. NKR volumes have returned to pre-pandemic levels in June and July despite many transplant centers still operating at reduced KPD … Read More

NKR Quarterly Report 1st Quarter 2020

The first quarter started with significant volume growth over the prior year, but NKR transplants dropped to zero after March 18th due to the pandemic. With only two transplants facilitated in April and approximately 40 transplants scheduled for May, we are experiencing a historic disruption in KPD transplants. Read More