Participation Levels

The National Kidney Registry (NKR) works with 98 transplant centers across the United States, but there are different levels of participation when a center works with the NKR. Participation at one of the following levels is required to be known as a center that works with the NKR.

  • Member Centers: All transplant centers that agree to work with the NKR are Member Centers. This is the base level of participation.
  • All-In Centers: Member Centers that have instated the “All In” addendum agree to enter all KPD pairs and non-directed donors into the NKR. All In participation allows the NKR to facilitate the maximum number of transplants possible at all NKR Member Centers to the benefit of their patients.
  • Partner Centers: Partner Centers are designated to absorb the chain end kidneys resulting from the Voucher Program. Partner Centers are active Voucher Program participants, adhere to the “All In” addendum and commit to accept any chain end offer (within reason) from the NKR.
  • Donor Care Network Centers: Donor Care Network Centers are a group of high-performance transplant centers that have agreed to an extensive list of guidelines and commitments to go above and beyond for living donors to provide the highest level of care, protection and support to living donors and their families. Learn more about the Donor Care Network.
  • Donor Shield Direct Centers: Donor Shield Direct is a version of Donor Shield that centers can buy for their direct kidney donations. This program offers the same coverage that Donor Shield does.
  • Donor Referrals: All donors referred to transplant centers through the NKR are eligible to be protected by Donor Shield.
  • Patient Referrals: Patients without donors can now choose to refer themselves to microsite participating centers.