Participation Levels

The National Kidney Registry (NKR) works with 105 transplant centers across the United States. The following are different levels of participation with the NKR.

  • Member Centers: This is the foundational level of participation which allows transplant centers to participate in the NKR paired exchange program.
  • All-In Centers: All-In Member Centers have signed an agreement with the NKR committing to enter all KPD pairs and Good Samaritan donors into the NKR. All-In participation allows the NKR to facilitate the maximum number of transplants across all NKR Member Centers for the benefit of transplant patients.
  • Partner Centers: Partner Centers have signed the All-In agreement with the NKR and have made additional commitments to maximize transplant opportunities such as full participation in the NKR Voucher Program. Most Partner Centers are utilizing the Voucher Program for the majority of their donors and patients that enter the NKR.
  • Donor Care Network Centers: Donor Care Network Centers of Excellence are Partner Centers that have made additional commitments to provide the highest level of service, support and care to living kidney donors. Learn more about the Donor Care Network.