DASH: Donor Automated Screening & History

DASH is a comprehensive, online living donor workflow platform designed to streamline the living donor intake through to post-donation follow-up.

The NKR DASH platform manages over 10,000 donor registrations that come through NKR websites and other affiliated sites. The private labeled platform is currently used by over half of NKR Member Centers, securely processing over 50,000 donor candidate registrations per year.

The DASH platform includes:

  1. Online Screening: Potential donors can determine within five minutes if they are preliminarily qualified to donate before completing the full medical history questionnaire. Centers utilizing private label DASH set center-specific donor rule-out criteria for the initial donor intake, reducing time spent on donor candidates not medically qualified to continue with the donation process.
  2. Medical History: Once the online screening step is completed, donor candidates progress to the online medical history data collection module, which collects all the data that a transplant center may want to see during the initial donor evaluation. The medical history questions were collectively developed by over a dozen transplant programs and represent the most comprehensive data collection mechanism for donor evaluation.
  3. Pre-Workup Labs: Once the online screening step is completed, lab orders are provided for donor candidates to facilitate standardized local pre-workup lab testing. Once the lab test results are reported, the donor selects the center they want to use for the donor evaluation. The lab results and donor data are electronically transferred to the chosen center. This allows clinicians to assess the candidate’s general health and identify any rule-out issues before the donor candidate visits the transplant center for the full evaluation.
  4. EMR Upload Capability: Centers have secure access to the donor intake data with a user-friendly workflow to manage registrants. Donor records may be exported to PDF for upload into the hospital’s own EMR workflow systems.
  5. Microsites: Free, personalized websites designed to empower patients to find a living kidney donor. Patients can post pictures and tell their story and share the site through email, social media and face-to-face with the 250 free business cards provided by the NKR after the site is activated. Potential donors who are interested in donating for a patient through a microsite are then sent directly through the streamlined DASH portal.
  6. Voucher Education Module: This module educates donor candidates that come through DASH about the Voucher Program and Donor Shield, helping centers assess donor candidate interest in these popular programs.
  7. DASHboard: A multitude of reports are available, including workflow status of the donor candidates, intended recipients, rule-out rates, registration volumes, backlog management, process speed, etc. The reports are downloadable to comma delimited (.csv) files for import into center-specific data analysis utilities.
  8. Donor Satisfaction Survey: The DASH donor satisfaction survey makes it easy for donors to provide feedback throughout the donation process, so centers can detect any systemic problems that need improvement. The donor satisfaction survey also gives center leadership a donor’s perspective on the performance of the transplant organization. The survey is delivered to the donor via email and is designed to take less than five minutes to complete.
  9. Automated Donor Follow-Up: The automated donor follow-up module provides a streamlined process for email surveys and lab test orders to be completed per the UNOS policy. The lab tests can be completed at a lab close to the donor’s location.