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The National Kidney Registry Leads the World in Comprehensive Donor Protections and is committed to making kidney donation easier, safer and more convenient for living donors.

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Donors Protected

By donating through the National Kidney Registry, you will be eligible for:

  • Cost Reimbursement

    lost wages, travel & lodging

  • Kidney Prioritization

    in the unlikely event you ever need a kidney

  • Voucher Donation

    the future of paired exchange

  • Remote Donation

    avoid air travel for donor evaluation & surgery

  • Donor Connect

    speak with a living kidney donor

  • Best Match

    maximize the impact of your donation

  • Donation Insurance

    donation life & disability coverage

  • Legal Support

    fighting termination & discrimination

  • Complication Protection

    reimbursement for complications costs

  • Reduce Wasted Time

    streamlined donation process

  • Home Blood Draws

    eliminate trips to the transplant center

  • Help Other Donors

    give feedback to improve the process

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