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The National Kidney Registry Leads the World in Comprehensive Donor Protections and is committed to making kidney donation easier, safer and more convenient for living donors.

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Donors Protected

As of 1/11/2021 17:46:53

By donating through the National Kidney Registry, you will be eligible for:

  • Lost Wage Reimbursement

    up to six weeks, maximum $1,500/week

  • Travel & Lodging Reimbursement

    up to $3,000 for donors & caregiver

  • Donation Life Insurance

    with a $500,000 principal amount

  • Donation Disability Insurance

    $1,500/week maximum up to 52 weeks

  • Legal Support

    to advocate on behalf of donors who need it

  • Coverage

    for uncovered costs from complications

  • Reimbursement

    for complication-related travel & lost wages

  • Access Protection

    when purchasing life insurance

  • Kidney Prioritization

    for a living donor kidney if you ever need a transplant

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