Am I Qualified to Donate a Kidney?

Donating a kidney is a life-changing gift but also a major commitment that involves extensive testing, major surgery and weeks of recovery time. If you decide to donate a kidney, here’s the process you’ll go through.

Screening & Testing:

  1. 45 mins Complete screening and medical history
  2. ~3 days Center will contact you
  3. ~3 days Complete standard workup
  4. 1 – 4 weeks Get cleared for donation

Surgery & Recovery

  • 1 day Complete pre-op
  • 1 – 5 hours Complete surgery
  • 1 – 4 days Recover in hospital
  • 1 week Refrain from flying
  • 1 – 4 weeks Recover at home*

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See if you’re qualified to donate

*Most people can return to normal activities after 2 – 4 weeks. Donors with physically demanding jobs may need 4 – 6 weeks of recovery before returning to work. High-performance athletes will need 6 months to a year before they are back to pre-donation performance levels.