Donor Protection Program

In the unlikely event that a kidney donor experiences post-surgical complications (e.g., hernia, etc.) related to kidney donation, the medical costs should be paid for by the recipient’s medical insurance. 

Occasionally, arrangements between hospitals and insurance companies limit the coverage, leaving donors financially responsible for complications related to their surgery.

The Donor Protection Program eliminates this risk by protecting the donor, via the transplant center, utilizing one of the options below.

  1. NKR Member Centers that execute the Donor Protection Addendum agree to pay for all Uncovered Complications (Donor complications that are not reimbursable by the recipient insurance, recipient center, or recipient) for all donors that undergo donor surgery at the Member Center hospital.
  2. If an NKR Member Center does not execute the Donor Protection Addendum, they will be subject to a per-transplant contribution to the Donor Protection Reserve as listed in the NKR Terms and Conditions. Uncovered complications documented to the NKR by Member Centers who have not executed the Donor Protection Addendum will be covered by the NKR, at the Medicare Rate, up to the amount in the Donor Protection Reserve.
  3. Donor follow up shall be the responsibility of the center that performs the donor nephrectomy.