Tools to Find a Living Donor

Microsites are free personal websites meant to assist patients looking for a living donor in their donor search.

The site can be shared through social media and via the 250 business cards each microsite patient receives. The cards showcase the patient’s name and website URL and can be handed out in patients’ day-to-day lives.

Patients can personalize the microsite with photos and their story or they can use the starter site, which works similarly to a custom site but has standard text and no pictures.

Phase 1

  • Patient Registers for a Microsite

  • Patient Signs HIPAA Release

  • Starter Site Activated

  • 250 Free Business Cards Sent to Patient

  • Patient can Begin to Promote Microsite

Phase 2

  • Patient Creates Custom Site (Optional)

  • Patient Submits Site for Review

  • Transplant Center Reviews Site

  • NKR Reviews Site

  • Custom Site Activated Replaces Starter Site