Center Best Practices

Best Practices for Living Donor Referrals

The following best practices were developed by the most successful living donor transplant programs.

  1. Transplant center leadership must be committed to providing an excellent donor experience.
  2. Referred and recently evaluated living donors and paired donor candidates must be reviewed weekly by physician leaders.
  3. A one-day standard living donor evaluation (e.g., CT scan, chest X-ray, etc.) must be implemented.
  4. The living donor candidates must be contacted within two business days of the transplant center receiving the donor referral.
  5. Cancer screenings (e.g., colonoscopy, breast cancer, etc.) must not be required prior to starting the donor evaluation process.
  6. Living donor candidates interested in the Voucher Program must be allowed to begin the donor evaluation process before the intended recipient is cleared for transplant.
  7. All living donors and their intended recipients must be educated early in the process about all available donor support and protection.
  8. Living donor candidates must be able to utilize remote donation when they are not in close proximity to the recipient’s transplant center.
  9. Living donor candidates must be provided access to a living donor mentor.
  10. Transplant center staff must meet quarterly to review donor feedback provided by the living door mentor program.