Family Voucher Donation

By donating through the Family Voucher Program, you can donate according to your schedule while providing up to five vouchers for your family members who are not in imminent need of a transplant.

This will allow you to help one or more people who are in need of a kidney transplant now (by starting a chain or donating to someone on the deceased donor waitlist) while also looking out for your family in case one of them ever needs a kidney transplant. In the unlikely event that one of the people you named as a voucher holder needs a kidney transplant someday, they will be prioritized for a living donor kidney through the National Kidney Registry. Only one family voucher can be redeemed.

Protections for Family Voucher Donors

All family voucher donors are prioritized for a living donor transplant in the extremely rare case they ever need a kidney transplant in the future. Family voucher donors are eligible for the support and protections covered by Donor Shield.