National Kidney Registry Expands Donor Shield Lost Wages and Travel Reimbursement

Today, the National Kidney Registry (NKR) announced the expansion of its Donor Shield program, increasing the lost wage cap from $1,500 to $2,000 per week and raising the maximum allowable travel and lodging reimbursement from $3,000 to $5,000 per donor.

The reimbursement covers travel and lodging expenses related to kidney donation for the donor and a caregiver. Any donor who donates on or after August 1, 2022, is eligible for the increased travel and lodging reimbursement under the Donor Shield program.

The National Kidney Registry also announced that as of August 1, 2022, it will no longer offer donation insurance through the Donor Shield program. This decision was the result of a routine audit of the Donor Shield insurance. The audit identified that the coverage offered by the insurance companies included legal limitations written into the policy language that would prevent, in most cases, utilization of the insurance. All Donor Shield insurance policies provided prior to August 1, 2022, will remain in effect for their full terms.

About Donor Shield

Donor Shield ( is the most comprehensive program in the world supporting and protecting living kidney donors. Donor Shield is backed by the National Kidney Registry, which is the largest paired exchange program in the world. All donors that participate in a National Kidney Registry swap, Kidney for Life direct donation or donate at a Donor Shield Direct Center are automatically enrolled in the Donor Shield program.

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