National Kidney Registry Introduces Its First Podcast: “A Prelude to One is Enough”

The National Kidney Registry is excited to announce the launch of its debut podcast, “A Prelude to One is Enough.” This innovative platform aims to normalize conversations surrounding living kidney donation and provide a comprehensive look into the world of kidney transplantation in the United States.

Introducing “A Prelude to One is Enough”

Instead of the conventional “Episode Zero,” this inaugural episode serves as a Prelude to introduce listeners to the format, aims, and aspirations of the podcast. Crafted with extensive research, including insights from other notable series like Laurie Lee’s “Donor Diaries,” the National Kidney Registry aims to deliver a high-quality, informative, and engaging series.

Objectives of the Podcast

The driving principle behind the podcast is simple yet profound: “One Is Enough.” The title resonates as a persuasive reminder that a single kidney is often sufficient for a fulfilling, healthy life, both for the donor and the recipient. The primary goal is to normalize the discussion on living kidney donation and offer assurance that life post-donation can be not only healthy but also enriched in many ways.

A Diverse Range of Topics

Co-Hosted by Samantha Hil, a living kidney recipient, and Michael Lollo, a living kidney donor at the National Kidney Registry, the podcast will cover an extensive array of subjects relevant to kidney donation. From groundbreaking medical research to compelling human stories, “One Is Enough” promises to deliver varied yet interconnected perspectives.

Listeners can expect engaging dialogues, captivating interviews, and factual narratives aimed at educating and inspiring a broad audience.

Who Should Listen?

The podcast aims to reach not only those directly involved in kidney donation but also the general public. Even if you’ve never been affected by kidney disease or considered donation, “One Is Enough” aspires to offer something valuable that listeners will want to share, thereby contributing to a greater awareness and understanding of living kidney donation.

The Journey Ahead

“We are thrilled to begin this journey with our guests and listeners,” said Samantha Hil, National Kidney Registry Director of Marketing. “Whether you are a potential donor, a recipient, or simply an interested party, our podcast offers something for everyone. We believe that by sharing these narratives, we can collectively move the needle when it comes to living kidney donation.”

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